Established in 2005-County Durham

Winter Gritting & Snow Clearance Services

A supplier of gritting and snow clearance services in County Durham

We work with:
Schools, Commercial Businesses, Business Parks, Property Maintenance Contractors & Estate Management Companies

We can deliver and service commercial customers within a 30 mile radius of Bishop Auckland, County Durham — Joseph Carr

Keep your business snow and ice free

Specialised Seasonal Services

We are a leading supplier of gritting and snow clearance services in County Durham.

With a wide range of bespoke gritting equipment and a pool of experienced staff, our winter gritting and snow clearance service uses the latest MET OFFICE weather data feed for accurate forecasting to ensure your business keeps operating and that your car parks, paths and access routes are kept free of snow and ice.

Unpredictable by nature, weather in the UK can provide is challenges for UK businesses. We pro-actively monitor weather in your area and attend site as required you can provide a safer working environment along with uninterrupted operations in the winter for your staff, customers, deliveries and visitors

With over 5 years experience in providing winter gritting and snow clearance services we provide you with the full reassurance that you turn up to work in the morning and your work place is free from ice and snow.

7.5T & 18T Gritting Wagons, Van Mounted Spreaders, Tractors With Tow-able Spreaders

Snow Clearance

Where We Clear? For any business, school, public or private area, snow and ice requires removing quickly and in time for your employees or event to start. Thus, eliminating the risk associated with slips, trips and falls.

We have the advantage of owning our own fleet of large snow clearing equipment.

We don't have to rely on sub-contractors which gives us the best possible control over our snow clearing services.

Gritter type for roads:

  • 7.5t Gritting Wagons
  • 18t Gritting Wagons
  • Van Mounted Spreaders
  • Tractors With Tow-able Spreaders
Business/Shop Car Parks, Private Roads & School Playgrounds
Gritting Services in County Durham

Gritting Services

When the snow and ice appear, you need to keep your business running smoothly and safely.

We receive a data feed direct from the MET OFFICE telling us a highly accurate air and road surface temperature forecast for every 24 hour period. Therefore, we can accurately schedule our team to provide gritting services to your business grounds, car parks and paths.

Keeping your business free from snow and ice.
Salt Supplies in County Durham for businesses

Salt Supplies

Volumes? JMC Landscapes can supply you with all your white salt requirements.

With all available for delivery or collection, we provide 25kg bags, 1000kg bulk bags or multi-ton loose loads.

Why Choose Us? We visit our suppliers to plan our future requirements. By buying salt out of season and stock piling loose in covered warehouses ensures we get a good price and have a guaranteed supply even in the harshest winter.

25kg bags, 1000kg bulk bags or multi-ton loose loads

Combine Landscaping & Winter Gritting Services
and receive a 10% discount.

— Joseph Carr

Met Office Forecasting

With an effective use of the MET OFFICE weather data plus our resources and manpower, we can provide gritting and snow clearance 24 hours a day.

We are realistic in our aims and know that working in severe weather conditions can be difficult and demanding and we know the importance of a well managed and reliable winter gritting and clearance programme.

Live, accurate and up to date temperature feed


With over 5 years experience in providing winter gritting and snow clearance services we provide you with the full reassurance that you turn up to work in the morning and your premise is free from ice and snow.

With investment in the latest gritting machinery, we can always keep your business snow and ice free.

Our Clearance Equipment. We use the latest snow clearance equipment driven and used by trained staff.

  • Snow Ploughs For Wagons
  • telehandlers with ploughs
  • Tractors with ploughs
We only use fully trained staff.



We are flexible with our packages and service offerings thus giving you a service tailored to your requirements.

  • Bespoke road surface temperature forecasts
  • Snow clearing programme
  • Wide range of equipment
  • Post clearance gritting visit
  • Large salt storage and stockpile

When it comes to the winter weather the last thing you want to happen is to be caught out, planning in advance can greatly reduce the chance of serious disruptions to your work place. Business benefits also include:

  • No retention fees
  • Customer service desk available 24/7
  • Overnight site attendance
  • Fully trained, highly experienced and insured operatives
  • GPS vehicle tracking

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